September 21, 2023
Interior designer in Bangkok

Commercial design is the process of designing a commercial space or object to enhance the appearance, utility and value of that product or space. Designers use these principles to make people want to purchase the products, services, or spaces that they design.

Commercial designers are involved with a range of project types from offices and shopping malls, to airports and theme parks. Some design commercial products, such as cars and furniture, which are the result of a complex synthesis of different disciplines.

In addition to these types of design, commercial designers may also be specialists in branding and corporate identity, retail display or other specific fields. Commercial designers may work for large companies or as independent consultants.

Many commercial designers work in small teams of other specialists including architects, engineers, interior designers, graphic artists and marketing specialists as part of a multi-disciplinary design team. Commercial design office is a job title that encompasses many different types of people working toward similar goals under shared regulations in their assisting environment.

Interior designer in Bangkok

Commercial designers work with clients from a wide range of industry including manufacturing and industrial, architecture, advertising and motion media, retail, publishing and design services. The most advanced commercial designer is aware of environmental issues and sustainability in their work as well as the importance of ethical behavior in their field.

Commercial designers principally design buildings with the goal of increasing business for their client.  Their main focus is to increase the value of a property through means such as improved appearance or increased use of areas. Commercial buildings affect the daily life of many people throughout a day, therefore commercial designers should consider how their designs will impact those who use the building. Commercial designers should also be aware of the designer’s role in promoting a company’s image and identity.

High end commercial design architects are known to focus almost entirely on pleasing their client. They know that it is crucial to find the right balance between aesthetics, function and efficiency. High end commercial design architects are always looking for the most efficient way to utilize their space while incorporating stunning, appealing designs. High end commercial design architects spend a great deal of time researching and testing all types of materials, finishes and objects to ensure that they will result in a successful product or space.

Commercial designers work with clients from every industry sector, including: architecture, retail, interior design, corporate branding, architectural graphics and industrial design.